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HPE and VMS Software, Inc. (VSI): Partnering to bring you the flexibility and support you need

Celebrating more than 35 years of rock solid performance

Celebrating more than 35 years of rock solid performance. While most enterprise-class IT environments measure uptime in days, weeks, or months, customers using OpenVMS environments regularly characterize uptime in terms of years. HPE continues to invest in OpenVMS on Integrity systems to serve these customer’s needs.

Customers depend on OpenVMS and Integrity servers for the uncompromising reliability, availability, scalability, and security these platforms consistently deliver over the long run. In particular, customers who deploy OpenVMS V8.4 benefit from:

  • New consolidation opportunities with virtualization, compression, and standardization enhancements for improved performance and long-term value
  • Improved application performance up to 2x per socket migrating from dual-core Integrity systems to new Integrity server blades
  • Improved resiliency with enhancements in security and up to 100% application availability in an appropriately configured cluster to keep applications always on
  • Simplified management and operating environment (OE) choices with selection, installation, and management now significantly easier
  • Learn more about OpenVMS products and systems or read the latest brochure to learn more about OpenVMS 8.4.


VSI OpenVMS V8.4-2 – March 2016

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest version of OpenVMS, named VSI OpenVMS version 8.4-2. This new release supports HPE Integrity i4 servers and HPE Integrity i2 servers.

VSI OpenVMS V8.4-2 includes the following major updates:

  • Increased software/hardware scaling — with full BL890 support
  • Updated system firmware with UEFI 2.3 support
  • New virtual device support
  • Enhanced backup performance
  • Increased system performance and stability
  • Simplified external authentication

For more information, visit the VSI website.

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