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25 Years Tru64 experience

Compaq’s Acquisition of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1998 and Hewlett’s Packard’s merger with Compaq in May of 2002 have made for some tumultuous times for AlphaServer customers, especially those running Tru64 UNIX. Harbor Consulting, Enterprise Systems and Services authorized by first Digital, then Compaq and now Hewlett Packard, is uniquely positioned to provide true business value in dealing with your transition from Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX on Itanium. HP is integrating the best features of Tru64 UNIX into HP-UX on Integrity Servers, building the world’s best Enterprise UNIX, and through the Alpha RetainTrust program, helping customers successfully navigate changes in technology. Harbor Consulting has the resources and tools needed to transition you from AlphaServer Tru64 UNIX systems to this new level of technical innovation.

Harbor Consulting can assess your current environment and utilize our experience with HP’s portfolio of tools and methodologies to plan and design a successful transition to HP-UX on Integrity Servers. Harbor can provide you a suite of investment protection choices including:

  • Aggressive trade-in values for your existing AlphaServers
  • Leasing and pricing on both new and faster AlphaServers and Itanium Based Integrity Servers
  • Upgrade programs for both server and storage products
  • Extensive service offerings- enabling joint transition planning, at your own pace, to minimize disruption and cost while adding business value through evolution

HP-UX/Tru64 UNIX System Administration Interoperability Guide:

A user guide that describes in detail the differences in tasks performed daily by system administrators on the Tru64 UNIX and HP-UX operating systems

System Administration Interoperability

Transitioning your Tru64 UNIX® applications to HP-UX:

A series of software tools and documents to help you port your home-grown code from Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX on Integrity servers.

Transition tools

Tru64 UNIX® Migration Environment for HP-UX:

The Tru64 UNIX Migration Environment for HP-UX (also called Migration Environment) is a runtime environment running on HP-UX 11i v2 that contains Tru64 UNIX Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), development tools, and commands and utilities to assist customers in transitioning their custom applications from Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX on Itanium®-based systems.

Migration Environment

Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX appscan v2.1:

Use appscan to find out the disposition on HP-UX for each API of a given Tru64 UNIX shared executable. This utility will help you better scope the porting effort of your own code to HP-UX on Itanium®-based Integrity servers.

Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX Application transition roadmap:

You can choose to stay on Tru64 UNIX for some more years, or you can choose to move to HP-UX when the time is right for you.

Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX tru64man v1.0:

HP has developed the tru64man utility to assist you with your transition effort to HP-UX. This utility enables you to display Tru64 UNIX reference pages on your HP-UX 11i v1.6 and v2 systems.

Tru64 UNIX® to HP-UX hpuxman v1.1:

HP has developed the hpuxman command to assist you with your transition effort to HP-UX. This command enables you to display HP-UX reference pages on your Tru64 UNIX system.

Tru64 UNIX®: Enterprise UNIX for HP AlphaServer systems:

HP Integrity servers:

The HP Integrity server family brings you a winning combination of HP expertise in system design and the industry-leading Intel® Itanium® processor. This results in unprecedented performance, multi-OS flexibility, high availability, and unmatched investment protection based on industry-standards for enabling business agility and better return on IT.

HP Integrity servers